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How do these people live their lives? In a society with over one billion people in the world, and people with a wide range of skills from doctors to farmers to lawyers – is there any value to education to build up and nurture the people around you?

My father was an engineer, and the world he built could be quite dangerous. I had been taught that engineers were good men, good men who went about their jobs with enthusiasm, care and honesty, even in a country with a brutal history of war and genocide.

Many people have died in the trenches of WW2, and others have been hurt working for it. What is it about engineers that are willing to be in the way of such destruction? To fight for their brothers across oceans and continents? And do engineers have a code of ethics that are respected?

Engineers are more dangerous than most professions. Some countries have taken steps to reduce the dangers, with some countries like Norway having already eliminated the possibility of being injured in a plane crash. I have friends who are still working in dangerous environments, but I’m not saying that the engineers have to quit. I’m just saying that most people would be better off staying, rather than trying to escape into the real world.

Do you think that people like Elon Musk, who want to help us understand our planet and how to fix it should continue to work as engineers?

I am an engineer too, and I see some of my colleagues do something very dangerous in the engineering world. But I think the people need to do some reflection about what they themselves are doing. Some engineers do very good work and are respected for it, as Elon Musk is famous for. But what if they are not willing to take risks and work in a climate such as we live every day in? You shouldn’t be so afraid to experiment that you want to stop looking around for a better way.

A few weeks ago, a woman I had never spoken to (nor seen in real life) named Sarah was in my house. Sarah was a student from Canada and a very thoughtful person. While I was eating dinner, she took the time to make me several lovely cookies and we talked. Before long I was chatting with her and watching her walk over to the couch and get ready for bed.

Sarah was a very kind guy. I wasn’t completely sure exactly what he did in his free time but I had never seen him doing anything that would give anyone cause for suspicion. When she returned home she asked me a few

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