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You know that one episode of “Coach”? The one where they said, ‘No, you don’t have to run that way, but you could if you wanted.’

The one where they had a guy going out to track practice, and he said, ‘I think I’ll run in the morning.’

There’s a difference between that, and coaches saying, ‘You know what? This guy has been doing it for a long, long time.’

So, in the real world, are you saying that it would be a different situation had he been trained in these other disciplines?

It may be easier to start training somebody who knows how to ski and run a marathon.

I’d much rather somebody who knows how to ski and run a marathon start up a company that does ski and run marathons because it’s much easier to train somebody who knows how to ski and run a marathon than it is to train them to be ski and run marathons.

We’ll keep doing it in some other areas. Letting the athletes do some training for another discipline, like swimming, would really be beneficial to the sport.

Do you have a favourite quote from your dad that has stayed with you?

There was a really famous remark, and I can’t forget it, that his advice was: if we make it through this, if we get through this, that’s the time we spend where we work most.

He said that if I wanted to stay in shape, that’s when you work.

I feel really motivated when I spend time getting healthier, because I want to be healthier. That motivates me.

My Dad said that he saw that when he was growing up and he was told there was nothing wrong with him. And when he saw me get hurt when I was running at the national championships, he never once lost his energy to come into the ring or to coach me. [laughs]

I’m a really lucky guy. I have a good work ethic. My parents are really great, and my husband is fantastic.

I think we have the right mix of people, where we’re able to get things done and enjoy success.

And I think, in this day and age, the right approach to being healthy and having success and fitness and things that people love to do is to not just have fun getting the stuff done.

I think we have the right mix of people, where we’re

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