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NLP Coaching is similar to NLP Testing as it was developed by Dr Daniel Goleman. Dr Goleman has written about NLP Coaching and NLP Testing extensively in his book “Mastering NLP – The Art & Science of Successful Communication”. In “The Mind of a Leader”, Goleman explains how to use NLP Coaching to improve team/personality communication (or how to make a leader/instructor have a more positive mindset). You can find more information on the subject in this article published by Dr. Goleman as a guest post in the January 2018 issue of The Journal of Positive Psychology.

What is NLP Coaching and is there a professional version of NLP Coaching?

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NLP Coaching has evolved over the years, and today it is developed by a team of diverse educators, clinicians and NLP Experts. While all of them are doing different things, most use the same basic tools. However, a few of them have developed their own “n-word” or “n-word” management software or have developed their own coaching tool called NLP Coaching. Many of these software packages are sold for education use by businesses, and others are sold individually. The NLP Coaching companies are listed below with links to their websites and/or free downloads.

What is NLP Testing and how does it work?

NLP Testing is a process of “nudging” an actor to improve or modify behavior. There are two types of Testing:

Intensive Behavior Therapy (IBT) The IBT Method works by using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). In order to learn and practice skills, most people need support in the form of the IBT Method. However, this support may become uncomfortable if the person fails to meet the goal. You can find more information on Interpersonal Behavior Therapy (IBT) here. In most cases, IBT training doesn’t make sense to the person practicing it, and the person cannot learn or become effective. However, if a person is able to demonstrate that they have changed their behaviour, and is willing to try IBT Training, they are eligible for a certificate.

Comprehensive Behavior Therapy (CBCT or CBT) The CBT Method works by using a combination of CBT techniques with a specific focus on specific behaviors. CBT Training is available if the person is willing to put in the time.

What are some of the differences between N

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