What is a life coaching business? – Sample Life Coaching Business Cards

If anything, it might be the first thing you imagine, so it must be the best.
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It is not like a conventional coaching company – you aren’t buying your coaching from some guy’s office! – but a direct marketing network that works in partnership with some industry players. The business model is that your coaches are not paid anything, they are being paid to work with you, helping you live the life you aspire to. This might look like a traditional coaching business, but in practice, it is far more successful than that.

What does this mean?

With traditional coaches doing work they aren’t paid, the result is that you are getting what you pay for – a coach that simply isn’t good enough for you.

If you are looking for some extra cash to spend on your future, you are going to come full circle, and find yourself as a coach who doesn’t want your money as he is simply not good enough – they don’t want what they are being paid for!

Life coaching is entirely different, and there are only a handful of people who genuinely believe that a living coach is a business you must buy – or else get sucked into.

How do you start a good relationship?

It is only when you actually get involved. You need to start with a meeting about everything.

There is no need for any formal introductions – in fact, you should probably stop being so formal, and just go from there! There is no need for them to tell you who they are, or how they came to be a coach. There may even be nothing to tell you; you just need to start chatting about your life and work (just make sure you are really interesting to them, you don’t need to be too much of a talker!).

Once this initial meeting has taken place, you will be able to start talking about the many parts of your future. From there you will find that you can easily come to an understanding about what sort of life your coach would like to lead. If they have a specific focus, for example, you will be able to talk about it rather than talk about their whole life without too much difficulty.

In the next section, we will talk about what you should keep in mind when talking to them about everything they want you to know about their job.

What do good life coaches expect from you?

From the first time you meet a life coach, the first thing you need to consider

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