What happens in a life coaching session? – Sample Life Coach Business Plan

There are so many ways the life coach can help you—how can we not! Here are the two types of coaching sessions that give me the most joy:

1) The “I’ll show you” type—what do you get on the first day to prove to you that you want to join the life coaching journey and are ready for my help, and just when I have to admit that it “isn’t worth my time.”

I’m going to tell you…

A) I can prove you have what it takes to be the best person you can possibly be.

B) I can teach you how to get the best from life.

This goes without saying…but it’s important! I can tell you about the secrets I’ve discovered to having a happier, more successful, fun, and life-enhancing life.

I can show you…
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A) That your personal health is a gift from God.

B) That there really is some magic in the universe, that no one can touch it, that it can be manipulated and controlled, and that you can control what happens in your life.

2) The “I’ll teach you to love yourself” type…

I can show you that life coaching is the best way to find the balance between being your best version of yourself and being the person that God has made you to be, and to find that path that suits you and that will be the best for you, not only spiritually, but also morally, professionally, and spiritually. It’s the only way!

This goes without saying…but it’s important! I can show you…

A) What to do to get your self-love back, and the path to it.

B) How to live with self-love and not hate yourself for having it, and to stop judging it.

3) The “I’ll show you to be the best person you can ever be” type or “I’ll show you how to be the “good person” I know you are capable of being.”

I can only show you how great a person you can be if you believe in yourself, and I am doing just that.

I’ll be the best person in the world to give you the help that you need to do it…and the truth will set me free!

I’m ready to help you discover that path!

But don’t worry! This is

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