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Well, it’s always helpful to think about what your goals are as a person, how you can better that, what people around you can provide support and help you achieve your goals. One of these goals would be that you have more positive interactions in your life as a person. This can come in many varieties with a good life coach. Here are just three for you to start with: 1. Get to know those you meet. It’s extremely easy to forget to interact with the people around you. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the good and bad that’s happening. It’s so easy to be on top of the world while you work on your dream. Don’t be that person. When the time comes, you’ll remember when you had a good day where you interacted personally.

2. Make time for others. The best way to take care of others is to make time for other people. The way a career coach helps is by taking care of their needs. It’s time to give back by helping people out around you. The best way to make someone’s day a life-changing experience? Offer assistance through advice, assistance, help.

3. Be there for others no matter what. If a business owner needs help or advice from a career coach, let them know that you’re there for them no matter what. It’s best to go with a professional if they’re working closely with their clients. It’s best to go with a professional if they’re working closely with their clients.

There you have it. Three quick, easy ways to improve your personal and professional relationships in no time! Remember to remember those three simple rules I used in my coaching of our first client who wanted to change her


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The New York Times’ Michael R. Gordon has an article tonight on how the Clinton Foundation is a massive tax cheat. For details, including information on how much it takes in, click here.

This is the point Gordon missed. The foundation gets its money mainly by selling an investment model, the “Wendy” model. The foundation buys investment firms, giving each one something to invest in. The “Wendy” model is basically tax-exempt.

The money the Clintons get is mainly through the “Wendy” model. The funds aren’t invested. They’re just

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