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Yes, udemy is accredited by OUA

The best and easiest way for any student to achieve an A+ in the course is to start with a 3 year Bachelor’s degree.

For example a student studying History would start their degree in 2011 so would need to complete an A+ in order to get an A-. The total cost of undergraduate tuition would have to be over £15,000 per year before any students receive an award.

If you have additional questions about course options or qualifications, or any other academic questions, then call our student helpline

What do I need to know about my A+/A?

You will need to be in the first 6-8 years of a normal Bachelor’s degree course before you can receive an A+. In most cases your academic qualification will begin in your Junior year. If you are currently a student at another university you will need to attend this second school year in order to obtain an A+.

You will also need to have completed at least 3 years at the university your degree is being awarded at. If the university you are currently studying at asks you to have taken other courses then you will need to have fulfilled those other requirements to obtain your A+.

How long will this take?

If you are currently attending university you will have to attend your first year of A+ before you can apply to this course. You can then follow the academic timetable below, and commence your A+ when you are ready.

The process of receiving your A+, however, can take from 9 months to 18 months.

How does A+/A compare to a B+?

The two terms are not comparable.

The A+ does not give you the same qualifications and academic qualifications as the B+. To be eligible for an A+, you will need to pass exams alongside the course.

There are many people who are eligible to receive a B+

What if I fail my first year’s unit?

It generally takes around 18 months to pass an A+ subject. You can apply to receive your A+ at any time as long as you meet the academic timetable below.

If you fail your first year’s unit there is a 10% chance you could be awarded the A+ upon resuming in the same unit. The other 90% chance this occurs is from the following 10% that comes from applying to a degree course at a second school.

This percentage is

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