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We recognise NLP as a recognised qualification. An employer only needs to make a decision on the qualification when the job is advertised and the application has been submitted.

This means that you do not need to supply the NLP qualification in your application form or on your work application form.

If the employer does want to request the NLP qualification to be assessed, then only the results of the NLP interview are required, and then only on an employer level.

In practice there may still be other requirements – such as language fluency or other required knowledge – applied to make a decision.

How to get the NLP qualification

To be eligible you must:

have been registered with the NLP Foundation for 5 years

have the ability to teach NLP skills

meet NLP Foundation guidelines on NLP skills (see below)

NLP Foundation regulations

The NLP Foundation has defined NLP skills – or skills to be taught as a part of NLP training – as:

the ability to use a verbal or written communication instrument and to interpret a message or data

the ability to use a language to make or understand information

the ability to manipulate language as a part of work and personal life activities

The foundation sets the requirements to be considered for NLP qualifications and provides practical guidance around how to meet those requirements.

When your application is reviewed by an NLP consultant, NLP Foundation staff will give feedback on your qualifications. We will then give a recommendation for the NLP qualification.

The NLP Foundation encourages employers to use the NLP Foundation guidelines to assess their employees as it will help to ensure that the candidate has the qualification necessary to do the job.

We have a range of NLP training modules available to businesses, for example you and I-teaching in the UK, which covers both the formal NLP Skills, and is appropriate for employers to use as a basis for assessment.

What skills should you train?

We require that an applicant for a NLP qualification must be eligible to teach in a NLP school and has the ability to teach the following Skills or NLP Skills in the UK:

NLP communication

NLP vocabulary

Reading (both reading aloud) and writing
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NLP problem solving

How do you prepare for an NLP interview?

You need to do some research to find an NLP school or NLP training provider.

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