Is NLP a Recognised qualification? – Life Coach Business For Sale

No, NLP does not qualify as a recognised qualification. NLP is a method based field of research which can be applied in different fields of practice. However there is a broad field of practice which includes an entire subject area of human-computer interaction and NLP is recognised as one such discipline.

When is NLP not recognised? Yes, NLP is not recognised as a recognised practice in Australia and its certification is not available to the public. The Australian NLP Standards Association lists a list of recognised certification methods.

Can NLP be taught remotely by students? No, NLP is not a remote practice approach, remote coursework is not acceptable, even in an online course environment. A remote coursework approach is a form of remote work that includes some hands-on practice.

What’s a Remote Human Computer Interaction (HCI) course? A remote human computer interaction course can be a one-to-one, one-to-two-to-two, or a combination of both remote and hand-held work. Courses can also fall into any of the following categories:

Remote human computer interaction: For example, a ‘self-paced one-to-one teaching’ approach

One-to-one teaching-hands-on teaching: For example, teaching exercises using the Apple iPad app

One-to-two teaching-hands-on teaching: For example, teaching exercises using the Google Hangout platform

One-to-two teaching: In which case one-to-two teaching would be the practice technique used for hands-on (hands-on work)

Combination of remote and hand-held work:

Sites which enable students to work from a single computer or set of computer devices have been recognised as being remote human computer interaction. An example of one of these is a ‘Self-paced training’ training approach described in the NLP Standards Association’s NLP Framework Reference Guide for schools.

Sites which enable the remote access of the instructor by students are not remote training or ‘self-guided learning’. They are often known as ‘self-based’.

Sites which enable students to work remotely where they can choose to work alone are recognised as being self-guided learning. This can also be described as ‘remote work’ or ‘automated learning’.

This can also be described as remote work or ‘automated learning’. Sites in which students may choose a self-directed activity approach are

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