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One of the most common questions I’ve been asked by prospective clients is, “Do I have to coach my wife?” What is coaching therapy? And what is it really like to coach your wife?

While coaching therapy is, in essence, a one-person job, a few things happen as you train. You learn skills that will be invaluable to your wife as she gets into and develops relationships with other men. You learn how to be a good listener, and how to approach women with different strategies and attitudes if you don’t have a woman in mind. You gain tools and skills that will be helpful for you as she gets married and starts having relationships with women.

The key is that you work on your communication skills with her, as well as your interpersonal skills. As you see other men doing their wife chores, do some of the same things you’d do to them. In other words, don’t just talk about what you would do to your wife, but how you would do it. This will give you a whole list of ideas for the kind of wife you want and will make her more approachable and approachable to you.

The one-time investment involved in coaching therapy comes from you getting a sense of what it’s like with your wife. Once you feel more comfortable as a husband, it’s much easier to become a better conversationalist and listener and make her a better partner.

You will learn a lot about yourself as a husband, too. Not all men are good conversationalists in general, and a good one needs to invest their time and energy into developing his conversational skills. Some may find this to be more of a challenge. If that is the case, then coaching therapy may be a less-than-ideal training to undertake for you if you are a less-than-ideal conversationalist.

There are other ways to train yourself as a husband as well. For example, you can do a training program on how to handle a woman in conflict. I’ve been advised by my friend the great, respected coach, Robert Smith, that if he coaches the good men in his life to be better conversationalists and listeners to other men, then it will go a long way to getting them in sync.

And, of course, as a side benefit from coaching therapy, a good conversationalist and listener will learn to talk to her husband with confidence and respect, rather than shrugging him off as a “chubby