How often should you see a life coach?

The best advice I can give you is never, never look anyone in the eyes and ask where they want to be. This is one of the most damaging questions you will ask a lifter. Let’s say you’ve talked to a weightlifter. You ask them how they feel. They answer, “Fine. Whatever you want.”

You ask them how they think they will grow. They answer, “Fine. Whatever you want.” You ask them how they think they will be when they reach the top level of their sport. They answer, “Fine. Whatever you want.”

This is the first time you have ever asked a weightlifter where they want to live. What they say is like looking at them in the eyes. They are totally focused on what you want to hear, not what you want to do.

If you want to live your dream, stop asking questions, and go find a life coach.

4. Stop comparing yourself to other lifters and lifting athletes.

To me, the worst mistakes I see are when people equate their lifts and their abilities to what other people say. When you compare yourself to anyone else, you are simply comparing yourself to a set of words.

You also are comparing yourself to someone who is better than you because you chose to do the same thing they do. It is like an ex-wife who calls her ex-boyfriend “better” than she is. You should be happy that he chose to be with her even if it is not possible for him or her to compare themselves to you.

5. Stop looking to the media to change your mind.

kids-life-coach-kick-off-monique | Kids Life Studio
The media and the Internet are very critical when it comes to our health and wellbeing. I am in no rush to change my mind on anything, but I will take the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions when I need to.

This is why I feel strongly about the importance of speaking out the truth when others deny that it exists and how important it is to change the way the media portrays us.

Do you have any other mistakes you see in those who seek help or advice?

The world was once full of wonder and beauty.

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