How much does it cost to get Tony Robbins to speak?

I can’t talk to Tony yet but, from the information I have seen, my understanding is that $15,000 – $20,000 can be paid through sponsorships, advertising, and travel. If you are looking for some other advice, the money can be a lot less than that. For example, my brother is in the business of having a couple thousand students come in and get trained in psychology. And they’ll pay you $5,000 to $7,000 a month. And they can do that for about four or five years, depending on the school and what their student debt is.

And what have you learned about the market from selling this stuff online?

There were more people using this than there used to be (laughs). If I was really looking, I could find 100 people who used to be in the business, and they’ve gone away, so I haven’t seen a lot of new people using it. But if I was looking at this for my family, I would have a lot more success because I don’t need to send them out to this area. If they have an interest in psychology, for that amount of money, they could travel for six months. You never know how far it might go. I want to make sure your family has a good foundation. Now it turns out you don’t have to send them out to the Southwest [United States] or the Canadian Rockies. There will be a place to meet them there (points out a bar). We’re trying to go to a more diverse group of countries, but, in any case, more than I ever had to go overseas.

Have you been to your first seminar?

No (laughs). I was lucky enough to go out with a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend (laughs). I went out, but it was really, really nice, and we had some amazing people, and I’d really want to go to them again.

What kinds of things have you learned about psychology since you’ve been in business?

I got a lot of money from marketing myself to a group of people with ideas for things I could do.

What other products are you making money from?

Simple 3-Step Marketing Plan for New Coaches | Marketing plan ...
My friend is making money selling me his website. He gets emails all the time telling him how much he will sell his website. He’s been very successful.

How did you get started selling your online course on the Internet?

I sold a book online