How much does it cost to get Tony Robbins to speak? – How To Start A Life Coaching Business Pdf

The answer lies in what’s being marketed. The more powerful and profitable that the company is, the greater the amount paid to the celebrity. The more valuable, the more the company is willing to pay. But do celebrities even go into the arena of promoting a seminar or an event? For a fee, you might get a couple minutes of your time in exchange for free, maybe a book of his “quotations” along the lines of the “What I Do” chapter of The 4-Hour Workweek.

It’s worth remembering that Robbins is famous for his “How to” and what he does “doesn’t require” a full day in the gym, so he doesn’t have to sell himself at all.

What you can do:

1) The best way to get Tony Robbins to speak to you might be to create a presentation for him in your area and then talk to your friends and family about it. You also can post the link via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

2) You can invite Tony Robbins to speak at your church, place or school and ask to speak about the topics covered in his seminar. You might also be able to get him to write you a recommendation letter to a reputable business he recommends that you hire.
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3) Have a conference, class or training session organized by your church, school or organization.

4) Ask someone who’s a celebrity in your area to talk about your community and tell you their story. If one of your friends or family members works for one of these companies, you can invite that person to speak or read your article or blog about his or her experience.

5) If you’d like to send a personal testimonial for the person you invited to speak, you would be more than welcome to do that along with your request.

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