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We are interested in how much a certain spiritual coach makes. You might not want people who make thousands, and you might think that it is very difficult for someone who makes a million dollars — the amount I’m trying to say is only a small percentage of a spiritual coach’s pay. But people do get rich with the spiritual coaching business, as well as people who can go through spiritual training, or have a spiritual trainer, or go through spiritual training. I have had many spiritual trainers over the years who are really, really wealthy. They get rich doing spiritual work. There are really only a small number of people who can take the spiritual work that a spiritual coach is doing and make an extra hundred thousand a year, or a hundred and fifty thousand a year, or a hundred thousand a year. In terms of total money, there are only people who are really rich who can take spiritual work, and they only make that sort of money in a very limited number of business that they have, that has a religious element. But in terms of, “How much money does a spiritual coach make in a year?” it goes up and down, depending exactly how spiritually focused you are. People who become very spiritual over time and who make an extra hundred, they can make a lot of money in a year. They’re very focused on their spiritual work, and they are really, really good at doing it. But I have had people who are very spiritual in school, but then when they turn to spirituality as an end in itself, they have a lot more trouble with finances than they should be. So even in those who are very spiritual, in that case you can make a lot of money. The people who are spiritual with their work, I think people who are spiritual are in a very unique position that a lot of people don’t get. I have had people, when they go toward something like prayer and contemplation, and then the work is done, they feel completely different, and it’s like a very, very hard, very, very hard period for them, and they need it to be really difficult for them. And there are so many people for the most part who are spiritual, and yet, at the end of the year they have money. If you go through a spiritual mentor and you can go through that and do that in peace, I think that you are going to be making at least several thousand dollars. And even if you just do the regular work and then there is no spiritual work at all and no spiritual mentor, but just
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