How many clients does a life coach have? – Types Of Online Coaches

A life coach is usually something to do with relationships, so we asked a few of our clients to tell us how many clients there are.

Here’s what they told us:

1. My wife’s friend

“If we had one more person like her, we could get away with having more of these relationships because she can handle such a huge volume. She knows how to manage that volume. When people are struggling, she’s there to give advice. She knows how to bring a smile to someone’s face and to make them feel safe or at least that the problem isn’t life threatening. She’s there to make a positive relationship better.”

2-10 clients

“We have about 20 clients at one time. The more clients we get to have, the more likely we are to change our methods. The good thing about having a lot more clients is that there’s more freedom to make other mistakes. We’re able to try things that are just not working. Once a year, I’m working on a client whose career has gone sideways and I give them a plan. It’s going to require some change and the good thing about working with more clients is that most of them are able to say what I would do and also can show me how they’d do it.”

2-5 clients

“We have been having about five clients at a time. It’s nice having that many people to work with. It’s a fun and challenging skill to develop and we try different approaches and it’s fun to have new ideas.”

3-10 clients?

“I’m not 100% sure but I have about a dozen clients on a regular basis. Of course, it depends on the clients and their circumstances.”

4-10 clients?

“If we have at least 10 clients, it’s probably easier and less painful to work with, and for that matter, we have no problem working well with 20 clients and even 40. But we might have trouble getting the work out there if there are 10 or more clients.”

3-5 clients?

“If it’s like one of our other clients, he is at least in his early twenties. He’s also a professional chef and is very well connected in the community. So we work with him on a daily basis. There is a special chemistry there that doesn’t exist in all my other clients. Our relationship has gotten really strong over the last year. I can only describe it as

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