How long does it take to be a certified life coach?

It takes 6 – 8 weeks for everyone, especially the people that are new to the industry. I usually do a 3 hour class where I give advice, demonstrate the exercises, and give feedback on participants’ progress, but I also like to get creative, as many of my clients can’t wait to start their career full time!

How long does it take to be a certified personal trainer?

There are many certifications out there like PT and CPT and they can be confusing. I like to stay focused on getting the message across. This video explains why being certified isn’t about having the best body and the world’s best diet — it’s about being able to give advice, show people how to achieve their goals with success, and get the clients and clients’ families to do what they need to do to succeed – whether it’s training, eating properly, or starting a business.

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Who are your clients and how did you come in contact with them?

I am now certified in fitness through TrainingPeaks through an extensive background in training and nutrition and my passion, not only for working with young guys, but also for helping them achieve success. As an athlete, fitness coach, and fitness professional, I have been in contact with many different clients that have all achieved great things in their lives. These relationships give me an inside perspective on the current world as they are changing and that is what drives me to keep at it.

What are your favorite personal trainers and why?

In the fitness industry, it’s hard for someone that isn’t also a gym owner to have a great relationship. I’m a great example – I coach in my own gym, but I’m also a personal trainer and it’s a good relationship. I still get to work with a lot of new clients that I think might need a personal trainer, but those are exceptions to my general rule; if you are a gym owner, you want someone working with you the same way. So, if you happen to have a good relationship with a personal trainer to help work something out, great! It’s not the end-all, be-all of your life in the gym, but the right one!

Do you have a personal goal that you’ve been pursuing?

No. I do not have a plan of what I want to do with my life yet.

Do you have any advice or stories for people who are just getting into and/or starting their career in the fitness industry?