How do you structure a life coaching session?

Do you have a daily routine, or do you have weekly or monthly plans?
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When should you start or get it started?

Do you schedule sessions weekly or monthly?

Do you have specific areas you want to work on?

When should you break for lunch?

Do you schedule sessions quarterly, or semi-annually?

How much time and effort does your team invest into your business?

Do you do the same sessions for clients on a daily basis or do you have clients come and work with you at an individualized pace?

Are you looking to make your business/business/career more efficient or more impactful?

How do you plan on developing your brand?

If you have a niche in your business or practice that’s a long-standing need/demand of your community/market, can you fill this need? For example is it a need for people to understand the importance of the health of the earth, to understand what it really costs to live off the grid, what environmental issues might exist in your community, what kind of businesses/businesses can fit this need, etc.?

Who do you want the audience you’re coaching to be? There are sooooo many possibilities. You have to have an audience you want to coach.

What would you want the audience to respond to? What’s the response to your content? Who would want to read what I have to say? Is it something your audience hasn’t heard before? Does your audience find your content appealing? Can you change that? Do you get more feedback on it? Is it your audience’s first time interacting with you, or is it their first time hearing me speak?

So you are looking for feedback and have developed a strategy for getting it. You’ve got a target audience/market to meet and you have a vision for your business.

Now you want to connect with your audience by creating a content plan. The content plan is your sales pitch for your audience. It’s your way of connecting with the audience, explaining who you are and what you have to offer in terms of providing value to them in their everyday lives. Once the audience is hooked on your content plan and they are following it, it becomes a game plan.

By providing a plan that connects with your audience on your company and community level you want to be able to gain the trust of the audience, to know that you’re not just selling a product or service to your