How do you structure a life coaching session?

It’s hard to get enough people to stick around for the experience. At B.F. Scott Sports, we do it with one person as a coach and then we’re doing it with two or three people at a time. Some days you just get too much. And I can’t believe that when I was going through the experience of coaching people, people would say, “Why would you want to be in that position? What value are you looking to add to the sport?” Well, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t really focusing on that. I’m only focused on how I can help other people to be better as coaches.

As you said before, you’ve coached in the NBA for 20 years and I was talking to one of your old college coaches who told you that a lot of NBA prospects do not do a whole lot of preparation for their NBA workouts. I assume that was a big reason why most top prospects don’t have the opportunity to play in the NBA right away.

Yeah, that’s certainly something we addressed in our program: how do you help guys develop? When I was doing this, I would get calls from the NBA and try to get them to do a lot of work on their own. They didn’t do it. So, how do we get them to go to a workout and make sure they’ve studied it?

How does a college player progress to play in the NBA? In general, does a college player go from developing as a player to being a very strong NBA player?

That’s a little different. You get great college players who went to the NBA because of what we did with them. You don’t have a lot of these guys because they did so well in their college program that they had no choice but to go to the NBA. It’s almost like there’s a lot of pressure to try to play right away. As you get older, you figure out what people are playing for. There’s a lot of people that get rewarded right away but they have to do it. It’s almost like a lottery process, where they’re able to get better and eventually they want to play.

As a coach, you need the right balance to make it interesting. At least that’s what we try to do. The biggest misconception is that you can get better on defense every day and suddenly a player will be able to make some plays just by going through his program. We know that doesn’t happen.

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