How do you get paid to be a life coach? – Starting A Sports Coaching Business

You can get paid to do nothing, but doing nothing is how you grow, not how you get paid.

There’s no good reason to become an unpaid celebrity.
How To Become A Life Coach ~ Ultimate Guide & Aptitude Quiz For 2020

People who believe that they’re celebrities because they’re famous have failed to understand how to achieve greatness, and so they make this mistake and become arrogant.

You’d be much better off becoming a full-time professional and become extremely rich.

When you’re a professional and doing the things that you love, there are thousands of people to look up to and admire, and you’ll naturally feel more confident in yourself.

In all likelihood, you’ll never see or be heard from as much due to your success.

Even if you don’t realize it, you’ll learn a lot, and you’ll eventually come across as better and more professional than your competition.

Your life will be the perfect match for your job as an athlete, a career, a brand or any job that you want.


It’s all about having the right attitude. No matter the job, no matter who you are, there is going be an inner purpose that you must strive for and work toward to succeed.

If you don’t find that, your life will fall apart.

Here’s that Inner Purpose list, in case you are too busy checking whether or not you have it, or if the list is too long to write down.

There might even be one that isn’t on there for a while.

What is your inner purpose?

What can you achieve within it?

This list should help you find the answer to each one.

In fact, I made a video below to help you find your inner purpose, as well.

The video gives you three different ways to accomplish your inner purpose within your life.

Let’s take a look at each one in turn.

You’ll probably find that the order of the list or parts of the list don’t make a very big difference, so you might skip this portion and go straight to your inner purpose. However, you have to put in some effort to do this because these inner purposes are just as important as the ones on the list, and it might make your life easier during the process.

How do you find your inner purpose?

What works for me –

What works best for me, in my circumstance, isn’t necessarily the best way to get your inner purpose

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