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I was lucky enough to get my first job as a life coach by teaching other people how to get better at something you already love. I would do this for free in exchange for a couple hours of time, and if you’re really lucky you might end up as a regular client—for a rate I’m not too sure of because that depends mostly on your experience and ability, whether you’ve managed a bunch of people or just a few. Sometimes, though, I’ll take up a hobby at an online forum or in a workshop or some other place and sell myself for cash, or if I don’t know what to teach next I’ll start teaching people who are close to being as good as me (and I will do this again, if that’s the best way I can do it).

You do not have to offer free classes or workshops to make money out of your art. You can do something more satisfying (and fun) with the time you have. What really does help is having a passion for an art form and making it an integral part of your life—whether it’s drawing, painting, dancing, teaching a class or doing something else (like writing), writing is all about working out what you’re good at, doing something with it and writing about what you come up with. Once you’ve got into it (and are good and ready), you’ll find your craft will become a lot easier to follow, and you’ll start to be less of a chore to follow.

The first step to getting into the game is figuring out what you’re good at, but even that needs developing, and many things you can learn about are outside your field of expertise. I can tell you that when I started my own site there was a huge learning curve from starting out on the internet, to being able to answer questions, to deciding what is important and what is not. That means you need to develop a way of thinking about art, whether it’s writing from your perspective or painting from somebody else’s, to the point where you are making real art. Then you need to do that work a lot, whether it’s learning more about how light works or how colours come together, how sounds can be transformed into music, how different types of music work together, or how things are made in the physical world. And finally, you need to get into a studio and figure out how to make music. There are several ways, some of which we’ll get into below, but the real key to success is to

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