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The first tip has been said many times, but I want to stress it again. If you want to be the best, you must take courses from those who know what they’re doing! You don’t know what you don’t know, and so you have to take courses from the people who have taken courses from you.

I’ll take a few examples; a good source is the New York City College of Technology. (They are a public college) I went there, and I graduated in 2000. My goal was to become a professional baseball player and coach baseball players! Then I tried to become a chiropractor, but that didn’t work out. I tried to become a veterinarian, and that didn’t work out either. I didn’t want to become a veterinarian, so I took a course, “The Sports and Life of a Professional Chiropractor.”

I learned this course in 2003, and I have taken about 10 class loads, and I am still getting paid, every class I take.

So when can I take a class from an expert or who is a legend, or from some other group?

The answer is simple. You won’t get better if you take any course from people who don’t know what they’re doing. I do a lot of coaching in private settings through webinars and email.

There were two very successful coaches who I coached through the webinars: one of them was from the Philadelphia Eagles, and she coached two NFL and was an assistant at Temple University. I have coached dozens at my private practice, and it is very easy to take a private course from someone. If you do, and you like what you hear, contact them immediately, and ask if they would recommend a course for you.

Is it possible to make a career coaching other sports?

I think the answer is a qualified yes, but it is certainly not within my ability in the time span I am allowed for. It is very hard to become a professional player in the NFL in this day and age.

However, as I mentioned earlier, there will always be someone who will look for your services. I will be happy to talk with you about coaching other sports, whether it be baseball or golf.

If you are interested in consulting for other sports, please contact me at [email protected]

If there is a way I missed, please let me know.

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