How do I find my life coach niche? – Life Coaching Business Plan Sample

This is the most difficult part in finding your life coach niche. There have always been a lot of people that find life coaches (or coach-types) that are good at just a few different things. But most of us don’t find our life coach niche in just one area. The more specific you are in answering the question, the better.

Here are the questions I look for from different people when looking for a life coach in these niche areas:

What exactly is your life coach’s skill set/interests? Have you noticed that all of your life coaches are similar to the ones I’ve found in the past? What type of job has your life coach held? What has the life coach taught you? What has the life coach taught you about yourself? Is the one exception in your life what helped you grow?

This will enable you find someone that you have both in common and an issue they have as much as anything else (I can’t really stress this enough). It will give you as wide of an audience to reach if you’re searching for a life coach as what you need to do is go through my previous posts and learn what life coaches do, how to get them and how to find one.

I love having fun finding life coaches! I’m sure there are many more of you in my niche than me that would love to be a life coach as well 🙂

How can I get in touch with a life coach?

There are so many ways you can reach a life coach. I have found many life coaches over the years via my network who have offered their help via email or social media. But of course there are so many options to find your life coach.

My favorite way to find life coaches is to simply ask people who I find helpful. The best way to contact a friend or family member in your niche is to send one of these following questions:

Tell me about someone in your life who helped you grow. What advice do they have for you?

What advice do you have on growing up and having confidence?

Tell me about a time that you were in an embarrassing situation or situation that was stressful and made you grow or made you feel good about yourself.

Now I will show you how you can contact other people who are working on similar things in their life (in the life coaching world). To do this you can always check out the links below and find the closest people you want to reach.

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