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It may sound like something only a coach would care about, it definitely is something that any accountability coach would care about. A lot of us have a different way of going about it but here are a few of the best.

First off the most crucial point is that accountability is about making a conscious effort to live up to your own values. You do this by following the rules of the system (as recommended by the system) and you create a positive feedback loop that continues to develop your accountability. One of the best ways I can really teach accountability are by telling you what you need to do to grow as a person so you can see where you need to get better.

Secondly, it is important not to get too personal with your accountability. As the saying goes “No one cares what the average Joe does, but the average Joe does things that other people find shocking” This is true if you aren’t living up to your values. If you want to see yourself doing some good things, or the good things of others, it helps to create an accountability system that you can fall back on when you really don’t, or can’t, do great things for your organization.

It is important to note that this is not just the time you spend doing what you like to do. It happens regularly throughout the year and also happens when you need some time to recharge and refresh yourself. In the next section, when it comes to accountability, I want you to know that there is no single method or method of accountability. Every individual accountability coach will bring unique ideas and approaches to the table.

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How I build a accountability system for my team or organization?

My team is composed of 4 key areas:

Leading the team (with accountability) Leadership/leadership skills Professional experience

The leadership/leadership skills I am looking for are as follows:

Leadership: the skills are being able to understand the principles of accountability and how to apply them to your work. What is accountability? A concept that many accountability systems fall back on is the accountability system. It is a concept that helps to help people do things that others find shocking. You might be able to use your ability to identify what others find surprising as a means to help you change your accountability game into a more effective and effective system.


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