How do I become a certified ICF coach?

The ICF Council is the sole authority to determine whether you are qualified to become a candidate ICF coach within the ICF organization.

Please review the complete ICF Code of Ethics, as well as the requirements for a candidate for ICF coach.

Are ICF-based coaches allowed to travel internationally?

Yes, ICF coaches are generally permitted to travel internationally, although travel restrictions are currently subject to review.

To learn more about our travel plans for current and upcoming ICF-based coaches, please log below.

I have long been an enthusiast of the “lighter, more energy-efficient” lithium-ion hybrid batteries. The batteries in my Prius, my Chevrolet Volt, my Nissan Leaf, and the Tesla Model S have seen their lives saved and extended with the smaller capacity lithium-ion cells that are used in newer cars and EVs. They do all of the hard work for you, using much less of your battery storage for energy-dense driving when you need to use the maximum amount of power. They are not just the cleanest vehicles on the road, they give you the most freedom—including the ability to change lanes and accelerate up hills quickly and safely, and they’re more enjoyable on long, dark drives.

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But many people also like the feel that comes with high-capacity, long-lived batteries, with the added benefits that can come from using a single pack in parallel with a single motor, and for a more efficient charging of the battery at each discharge. (Tesla drivers can now use Supercharging to get more than 200 miles of range from a single charge.) These advantages and the concerns about price, efficiency (of these batteries, in a lot of cases, which have increased in price and efficiency) and performance have led many battery makers and advocates to be skeptical of any battery technology, including those used by Tesla, for which we actually know a lot more about the technology/benefits than we do about the cost of making a battery, the quality of the battery itself, and the actual performance of the battery. We could make claims about all of these aspects at the same time, but we all have to make our choices for reasons other than price; battery prices do influence our choices. Our first instinct is to think about price, and to say that any such high-capacity battery is so expensive it’s basically a waste of money. (It’s not a waste of money to buy a Tesla because your wallet will be full if the battery lasts much