How can I start coaching from home? – How To Start A Life Coach Business

Start with a simple coaching session from home. Use a free app such as Zoom or Coach for iOS. It will create a quick coaching session that lasts just two minutes. The training that goes in to the practice session will be free! You’ll get instant feedback on how it went. It will be your chance to learn on your own terms.

What tools do I need to start coaching from home?

We recommend you have the following:

A Macbook/Mac Book

A computer or smartphone that works at a low resolution of 720p.

A 3G or 4G Internet connection.

An iPad.

What if I don’t have time to start coaching from home?

That’s okay! You can start with some free coaching sessions to give you a solid foundation. The time and money you spend coaching will benefit others who start coaching for themselves in the future.

You can even use those coaching sessions to create a training plan that helps you train smarter, and get better results.

How can I get the free coaching?

Coach provides free coaching sessions in a variety of formats across many different devices. We have hosted some great free coaching sessions on:

Desktop computers

Tablets (iOS and Android, available on iPhone/iPad) and Android (Android only)


Can I create training plans or create my own training plans?


You’re free to create, revise, and publish your own plan. You could even come up with a unique training plan that you’d use to coach others, and share it with your network.

What if I want to sign up for a paid coaching plan?

No worries… the majority of people starting coaching at home are already signed up with Coach. The only thing you have to do is use your Coach credentials to submit your request.

What about using the software with clients?

We don’t have any plans to bring these training plans to clients, we’ll have to rely on this one-off coaching session. While it’s fun, and a great way to get some great feedback and teach you new things, we won’t offer paid personal coaching that goes over and beyond the free coaches you already have access to.

What’s the benefit to coaches?

The advantage and benefit of a coaching software is that by using Coach you’ll have the ability to take your coaching skills any place you go in the world

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