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Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and the entire Lakers team made sure that the NBA finals would be the last game ever played at the Staples Center. The team was playing hard to win the NBA championship and that was always going to be a goal for the entire team. The Lakers would do everything in their power to go as far as possible including getting a game off early. LeBron James is one of the most competitive and fiery players in the game. He plays a way that makes up for his lack of height and strength. LeBron played a perfect game to win the last three games, including one of the most impressive Finals performances I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t flawless, and he did more damage to the league than anyone in history and I’m not just talking about the Finals.

Here are some highlights of LeBron James’ game.

LeBron put up another incredible game, scoring 40 points in a double-overtime game in a way that made me want to cry.

J.R. Smith was all over the court tonight!

LeBron had another amazing game and he’s still on fire.

LeBron didn’t stop, James kept coming. Check out some highlights that highlight just how big of a player James is.

About “Hangin’ Around”

Hangin’ Around is the name of a song that was inspired by how he is used as the example through the song “Liquor Store”.

The song is about how he tries to impress people, but it never ends well for him.

A recent Gallup poll has found more Americans now perceive the GOP as “too far right” than “right.”

The survey, taken last July, finds more people (45 percent) think the GOP is too right than “extreme right” (36 percent) and 17 percent think the GOP is “middle ground.” Overall, 36 percent of Americans feel the GOP is too extreme to be a governing party.

The results reflect a growing distrust of the GOP and an increasing perception of the Republican party as out of touch with America, as shown in surveys.

Only 42 percent of Americans feel the Republican Party is politically “in touch with the issues” compared to 55 percent who think the same about their own party. Democrats also have an increasing trust issue when it comes to the Republican Party. Sixty-three percent of Democrats feel “right”

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