How can I become a life coach online for free?

Most lives are not suitable to teach life principles. For example, you may want to know how to cook healthy vegan meals or teach how to get out of the house without your phone. All courses are now online and can be downloaded.

There are two ways to find courses for free: you can search for courses in the name of your chosen course or you can contact the course providers directly. It is often easier to send an email about the course than asking the provider.

Is there a charge for courses?

No, the courses is free to learn. However, if you sign up with a service that has subscription pricing, there might be a fee involved.

A few days after a video surfaced of a young white male in a Los Angeles hoodie shooting a black teenager in cold blood while a police officer stood nearby, three LAPD officers were involved in a shooting last week in Inglewood. The officers, who are white and one Hispanic, are alleged to have used “excessive force” and been placed on administrative leave, a position known as “inactive status.” This is the latest in a number of similar incidents in Los Angeles that have included police officers beating up teens for no apparent reason.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested five suspects after the attack on Terence Crutchfield, 18. The teenagers allegedly beat Crutchfield with a belt, broke his nose, eye socket and arms, and made him run across the street so they can take him away, CBS Los Angeles reported.

A week ago, an LAPD Officer arrested Terence Allen Williams, 17, for allegedly beating up his girlfriend, whom he was with. This is the latest on the police beatings that have taken place in the city in recent months, where young black men and women have been beaten and choked in the street as police officers stand by and watch.

These officers would not tell NBC-2 that they made any arrests during the attack on Crutchfield, although they allegedly beat the young man so much that he lost consciousness.

In other recent cases, the LAPD has arrested three teens for allegedly hitting and pepper spraying a woman they encountered after they reportedly broke into her car. The woman claimed, however, that police officers attacked her when she tried to call the police. The victims of these beatings claim that they have been targeted because they are black.

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has recently called for a special prosecutor to look into the spate of violence against black residents