Do celebrities have life coaches?

“Life coaches are individuals who have extensive knowledge of an activity that a person is pursuing and can help to achieve their objectives. A life coach, on average, is 40 to 60 years old and is highly educated in the subject; they also have a good income.

“Generally speaking, celebrities are highly successful in the business world, especially business and management.”

What is your advice for aspiring celebs and model-stars? (or your favourite celebrities)

“Start by doing something you really love, and then go for it! There are lots of people out there who will take you for granted; get to know your customers, make friends and do not be afraid to start doing cool things in your own sphere that may not necessarily have been taken for granted and that will change the way you see the world! It is possible to get big from nothing, which is just what has happened to my best friend, which I will never forgive.”

Where can you watch your favourite celebrity’s latest movie?
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“You can find everything on my site! I’m open for submissions! We also sell DVDs of my movies and DVDs of my movies’ movies.”

Where did you first learn to speak Spanish?

“This was through my parents in a language exchange program called “Latinas in Motion”. I also know my Mexican parents – they have some great knowledge of Spanish and even some good accent. I’ve also spoken in the US and Germany and learned the different dialects.”

Which star is your favourite?

“Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson! In fact, he is one of my heroes! I think he is one of my favourite actors, I love his charisma and the way he treats work or the fans. He reminds me of myself as a kid and how much easier it was for me to accept compliments, take advantage of the opportunity to learn something, and not get embarrassed or worried about what people think of me, or my career. We are all equal and deserving of respect and I think a lot of that comes from Dwayne himself.”

What would you say is the best advice you’ve ever received from someone?

“Always remember that everyone has their own agenda, I’ve never taken the advice of someone because I wanted something that they said I needed to get famous or something that they liked, so I don’t really know, but I do know that if someone was giving you advice or a positive review, it can help you as a creative