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Why is celebrity life coaching so expensive and not available to the masses? Does celebrity life coaches exist in this day and age or does it exist for only Hollywood elite and rich people? A short essay by comedian and life coach, Jon Lewis, answers these questions and more in his new book , The Secrets of Success: A Handbook of Mental Strength and Emotional Discipline for Celebrity Success.

1. You will be able to tell you have been called a crazy person

After a few weeks of being successful in the games you’ve become good at they’ll all start calling you crazy or insane and you will want to run out of town and leave it all behind. “You’re never going to be as good as you can be, you will just get old and quit.” And I’ll say all these things to you and tell my kids I’m nuts because I’m working at this thing that I used to do with people I used to care about. I just want to go home and have a few beers with me family, just hang out and have fun with my friends and do whatever it is my mom said she’d let me do. It will be the one time in my life when I didn’t think what I was doing was right.

2. Don’t forget, a celebrity is a brand name.

You know who doesn’t have a brand name? Athletes. Celebrities are not celebrities, they are business models and in business, it’s all about selling. They are just brand names when they do whatever they do…they do what they’re paid to do. There are millions of dollars that go into making these people successful, and this is how those people are paid. That’s how they make a living.

3. The first thing you should do is go to a friend’s birthday party.

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If I was making the money I am now, I would never come to a friend’s birthday party because I wouldn’t want to go to another person’s party. It’s just not my thing. So, when your friends come over and ask you to come over, I tell them never do it. Now, if my friends came over to my house and I brought a friend of mine to have a cake and drinks, I’d tell them I didn’t have anything nice to show for myself. And why should I show them for myself? I don’t want to make them miserable. I just want them to feel good about themselves.

4. If you want to work really hard

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