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It is an interesting field to develop a business in, not many people get on board and I guess it is an off-the-cuff profession if you can find the right people…but I think with a great deal of confidence. I am a product of a private coaching school, where it was possible to earn thousands of dollars. I do not think there is a financial reason to get into coaching, which is not to say it is not an attractive profession. People often want the money but I have found that it is far more fulfilling. I have been fortunate in life to have an incredible family who have always been there for me and will always be there for me. I am always looking to give back and I have done so very much in my life and in the coaching industry to help others learn and grow.

What is it like running a show?

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Working with people, it is amazing and I have made some incredible friendships and people I have become friends with. I know a ton of people from my show and many are still friends. I just feel so good to be doing what I love and have done for years and then there is this huge explosion of enthusiasm and positive energy that is everywhere in the business.

Have your sponsors changed over the years?

Some sponsors have changed over the years and I am excited to see where the future will take me. I still run my show for free and I am still working hard to be a good coach and inspire students to reach their potential.

Does he ever make money teaching?

I still make money teaching and my income is through referrals. I have made about 100 million dollars since beginning as an entrepreneur and have had to change many of my lifestyle paths – moving to Los Angeles and getting married.

Do athletes ever tell you they don’t understand why your show is so successful?

I have done over 15,000 interviews and the majority of those players have never been to a training camp where I am teaching. I tell them that there is something to learn from everything that I am teaching, this is what I learned last year in my first year as a coach. I would just like to tell the players that there is nothing wrong with coming to watch me, I am your coach. And then there is not a single player out there who has been to a training camp where I am not.

Who do you see as the next big coaching star?

It will take some time to find the right teacher.

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