Can I call myself a coach?

A coach, by definition, takes it upon himself to coach and guide. He has no training or education. He works in the field and understands the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. He sets the program and follows a clear, measurable progress path.

So how could we create a similar program for a football player to allow him to improve his football skills faster than anyone? How could we help him succeed more quickly?

There were a lot of questions that came to mind when we asked ourselves the question, why should the football players at Northside Academy be competing to compete for coaches in the next year and a half??

Why do they need to come to a coach who can teach them how to better communicate with their teammates?

What does he know about what it takes for someone to get on the field?

Why is there such confusion over the idea of a football camp?

These are the questions. But a few things about Northside Academy’s Football Program made it clear that not everybody has to be a football coach.

The program is not only dedicated to making football players better, but it is also dedicated to empowering these kids to make their dreams come true.

We have a program that will help you be a better coach of football when you’re not a football coach!

You can apply to Northside Academy for a position that fits your skills, interests, and skills of coaches.

After the New Orleans Saints lost a fourth straight game to fall to 0-9, owner Tom Benson said in an interview his team “needed to be done by then.”

The Saints now hold the sixth overall pick in this season’s NFL draft, which starts Friday night at 8:30 p.m. ET on NFL Network.

Benson was asked about the team’s draft-day activity, how much he’s impressed with the quarterback situation, where he ranks among those taking quarterbacks and how much he might draft a receiver this year.

» B.J. Coleman, the Saints’ former first-round pick, sat at his locker Tuesday, seemingly on the verge of doing his own interview in a press room adjacent to where the Saints practice. Coleman said his time with team brass was good, though he left the locker room after about 14 minutes. After he’s done, he said he’ll sit down with his agent, but no date has been set. The Saints have begun to release practice time for the first time in a month.

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