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One could not help but be struck by the remarkable nature of the events that occurred just after midnight on Friday and Saturday, June 17-18, 2016, in New York City.

From the beginning of the city, the sky looked like a giant red and blue flame, even before the first rain fell. At midnight the “fire” was visible from Manhattan to Staten Island.

By 12:30 that evening, it became more of a cloud. The flash was seen for over a mile and at times to the north of the city.

The largest of the storms, by far, was the “Bolt” caused by the super-cell thunderstorm that slammed into the northeastern area of the United States, about 50 miles northeast of New York City at 5:20 pm, June 17th.

At midnight the thunderclouds rapidly intensified and the temperature dropped to just above minus 18 C. At noon the storm dropped much colder -18 C, and by 12 noon it could not be seen over the city.

It was the second “super-cell” storm of this type in less than a month in New York. On June 2/15, the storm dropped temperatures as low as minus 35 C at 11:00 am, to minus 30 C.

The second storm, although less severe in its effects, generated much more rainfall. Some 40 inches of rain fell in the course of an hour on July 29th at the same time as the first storm reached New York City (6:30 pm on the same day). According to the National Weather Service a storm like this should not happen again in the New York City area during the present season.

In the case of the last “Supercell” on July 31st, 2011, in North Carolina, one of the largest thunderstorms ever recorded for that date, with an “area of about 18,500 square kilometers”, hit the state at 3:50 pm, and the first rainfall fell on North Carolina for the entire year. The storm was about 15 times the size of the largest storm which hit New York as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

The previous storm did not hit New York as a result of the very large storm surge that had appeared on the northeast shore of the East River. Instead, it had been pushed up from the

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