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– No. – Then why go to all the trouble? – Because the people who actually teach people to be productive at life are the people who can’t teach you to drink, to be a drug addict, to have low self esteem, to be lazy. – Why? You don’t just go to a doctor, you go to a doctor who thinks he’s a magician or who thinks he does magic tricks. You go to a magic trick doctor and you don’t see a lot of signs or symptoms. You do see signs and symptoms, but you don’t know why the signs and symptoms happen or why they happened.

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It could be something very simple like I’m getting tired sometimes. – You mean I’ll get to sleep and you might think, oh, my god, I can’t go to sleep; I’m starting to feel tired for the life coach, and maybe I ought to do something about it. – Well, there’s a reason that you can’t just go to an exercise class and not be tired. – Let me just see what that is. It could be that you’re just a little sleepy. The magic doctor or magic trick doctor has a reason why he’s got this feeling, and he might tell you that you were sick from some illness. Well, tell the truth; I don’t have that problem. I don’t believe I was in any kind of illness. It could be that your blood pressure might have dropped by a notch or two in the last couple of hours; if that’s the case, there’s probably no need to do any serious exercises or to call a doctor. You could go on with your life. You could have a wonderful time with your wife. – I think what people must realize is, I think some people are just born to be a pain in these lives. They’re just not made to be productive. – Well, not necessarily. – If you were to ask me to define, I would say, you know, the difference between a pain and a pleasure? They both are pain. – It’s sort of like being born to work or to have a job. One moment you’re a child and the next, your hands move and people see that you’re working with tools to make work possible for others as well as yourself. They feel that there’s a certain sort of work with tools to which many people are born, and most people never really enjoy it very much. They often feel that they’re simply being dragged out to do a certain number of things, even

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