Are life coaches legit? – Life Coach Cons

Are they actually trying to help you live the best life possible?

There’s a lot to unpack in that statement, so we decided to bring on some industry experts to talk about their credentials and training experiences to see if there’s any truth to that.

“I feel like I’m not a true life coach,” says Michael, a former corporate-manager-turned-life coach focused on happiness and social success. “I have my own training philosophy, but I just think the people that I’ve been working with over the past six years have just created an experience I would love to have as well.”

I’d tell you that it’s all about being real, but I think that you’ll get the same response if you just say that you’re a therapist who trains people to become better at their work.

Michael and company train through a number of different paths. Michael trains in private coaching and group coaching, and works primarily out of his East Side apartment while also providing some of his own workshops and seminars and speaking engagements.

He calls his approach a “well-rounded approach,” which is really about creating a “comprehensive, practical, and holistic, approach to life.”

“I am always trying to learn as much as I can,” he says. “A lot of my work here in the beginning is to help people understand how they could become happier in their lives.”

According to Michael, his main goal is to help clients develop a sense of self-awareness and a sense of purpose:

“It’s about understanding our goals and not letting ourselves get stuck in the past,” he explains. “Our goals are often so far above our current ability that we often forget we have them. I think of myself as a teacher.”

Michael’s goal isn’t to convince people to stop being bad. His advice, as he sees it, is about “getting people to become more conscious.”

“I always find that if you want to make sure that your clients are having the best quality of life as possible, the first thing you need to try is to get them to see what their intentions really are,” says Michael. “There’s not many people who are doing that better than I am.”

Mike’s advice: “Make sure that you’re trying to figure out their goals and how they can achieve them. There’s no right way. If you make it about what’s in their best interest, it’ll be far more effective.”

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