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When I first started my coaching program in the mid-90s, in the mid-90s I got involved in coaching through the book of life. The book of life was written by someone from a spiritual family. And I started seeing the difference that I was seeing. I was watching people in their 20s, and 30s, and 40s, and 50s, in training that were doing the same stuff – they would read books and they would go to classes and they would get training in physical exercises and they would get training in their emotional and spiritual life. And I was like, ‘Yeah, those things work. These guys…they’re not dumb.’

I said, ‘Are they even alive?’ And my friend said, ‘They’re not even in the physical world anymore. I used to know a few of them, but now they’ve left the physical world.’ And I said, ‘So who is doing training now?’ He said, ‘The spiritual life. I’m doing it now, in my spiritual life.’ And I said, ‘Okay. If they’re not alive in the physical world, we’re not going to succeed. Because the people who are trying to take your soul away from you aren’t going to succeed.’

And the book of life has nothing to do with training. And it’s very clear that the purpose of the book of life is not to show your physical life the kind of physical things. If you do some kind of training in the physical world – that’s one of the purposes of the book – and you go to other things through it…you’re not doing the book of life. The purpose of the book of life is not to teach. It’s meant to teach people to read a book when they want to know about something. And to say, ‘What do these lessons mean?’ And to share them with other people, to share them with our clients, and to share them with others, and to help people and show them. What are those lessons? So you’re not doing the book of life now. You’re not studying your life when you can’t make it anymore. Why are you studying it when that’s not going to help you? It’s like, ‘I’m studying the book of life – do I really have to study my life?’

What do you think most of today’s spiritual lifters struggle with in regards to training?

They tend to be very emotional. They tend to be very passionate. Some lifters seem to

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