Why did scream video cost so much? – Video Production Training

We got angry when we saw the prices. If the cost was $200 for the scream, and only $3 cheaper if it was a black-and-white clip, should that be considered a bargain? Should the black-and-white version not only be cheaper, but be free?

Here’s why:

No one at Microsoft could afford $200 for a VHS rip of Ghostbusters. It was a very expensive VHS movie in 1997, and they wanted to be sure it was at least as good as the TV version. And I mean, it was. The only other time the studio had to pay for a VHS VOD copy was after the film was shot. That’s a lot of money to spend on those little bits, and the VHS copy wasn’t just cheap. It was good!

This was going to be a video that had a wide appeal. You saw it on television on the big screen. How in the hell did it cost only $3? And how did the other $3 go to make it the best it could be?

It made the movie look like an 8mm film on a DVD, which is not what I was expecting. There are a lot of different ways a VHS and DVD would look different. It could look like this:

The picture looks pretty good. You can tell it’s not a movie being made with VHS because they had to get an old-school camera set up. Most of the colors are there, and the sound is good. The movie looks very flat, and the black is dark and grainy.

Now, here’s the problem with that: the black makes the entire look seem grainy. And I will concede, it’s grainy, but not good grainy. There’s no way a VHS image could look like that.

That’s why it’s cheaper to buy a black-and-white copy, because it has no effect on the picture. But it’s also important to note that many people didn’t own the old black-and-white VHS. It was almost forgotten.

The only other alternative to buying the black-and-white version is to pay for them individually. Which is exactly what the black-and-white version cost. So why should the black-and-white version have been cheap? And why should it not be free?

I had to make sure the prices were reasonable, especially considering the film’s popularity.

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