Which camera is best for video shooting?

Video or still image?

The truth is, there isn’t a set that’s best for every use, though many of us find that both work great for different things. If you are shooting video on a tripod and looking at your image, you want your video settings to be in place to give you nice, crisp, clear images. You want them to be in place to avoid any distortion, so you can use that high level of compression, that will help you minimize the amount of noise you get out of your video. If you are shooting JPEG and want to reduce the amount of noise, you need to use a codec like S-Log2 or VP9, because if you overdo that in your video codecs, the results can be quite noisy. Otherwise, you can go for what’s known as HDR-mode or even just HDR+ mode for video. If you’re still using video recording, then you probably don’t need to worry about the image quality or noise.

This can be a little confusing. How does an image go from the sensor to the memory card?

In many cases, you do not have to change anything. You’re still shooting with the same camera, as long as it’s a similar model. The way your camera handles the image information is exactly the same.

Can I add noise reduction to images to improve image quality?

Nope! Noise reduction software or editing software is not needed to do that! Any software that has a built-in noise reduction component will work. In fact, if you don’t require a great image quality, a little bit of noise reduction might be an awesome thing to have!

So is there a perfect setting for me to go with?

Here is an example of noise reduction in practice. I set up this system at the same time we were shooting video and using the same camera. I used a color filter on both the video, and the stills, and used it to make sure the noise reduction would help the video better look and not make the images worse when I took the shots of things like trees or cars. I didn’t want a single shot on both cameras to be just as bad as two very similar shots. Here is the image comparison.

As you can see, both images are quite nice, especially when the image noise is not so severe. I would say that most of us need a few steps to getting the image looking as good as possible with noise reduction, and that depends on the