Which camera can shoot 4k 60fps? – How To Shoot Videos

Yes, the Canon 5Ds R (2 megapixel 5DSR) and the 5Ds Mark III (2 megapixel 5DSR) are the two cameras that can shoot 4k 60fps. The 5DSR is capable of shooting a maximum number of frames at 60fps and the 5DSR can shoot up to 60fps when shooting at 4k 60fps. The Canon 3d Mark IV can’t shoot 4k 60fps video (though the camera can shoot at 30fps video). The Canon 1Ds Mark III is not capable of 4k 60fps, though it was developed with 4k 60fps in mind. There are many DSLR cameras out on the market with 4K 60fps. Here’s a list of all the 4k 60fps cameras in production:

Canon 5DS R

Canon 5DS Mark III

Canon 1DS Mark III

Canon 5DS

Canon 1D X

Canon 1D X Mark II

Canon 6D

Blackmagic Design ARRI Lens

Canon EOS 7D

Canon EOS M

Olympus E-M5 Mark II

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Olympus T2i

Samsung NX-E2

Sony A7

Sony A7 II

Sony Alpha A3000

Sony Alpha A6000

Sony Alpha a7R II

Sony a7S

Sony a7S Mark II

Sony a7R Mark II

Sony a7V Mark II

So, what camera is it?

The 5DS R is a DSLR with 4K 60fps video resolution. This means that the 5DS R’s video resolution is 1.5x higher than typical DSLR and Sony’s 4K 60fps video is 30% greater than typical DSLR.

What’s the difference between the DSI lens and the lens from Canon?

The Canon 20 mm F2.8 L is what the DSI lens is similar to. The difference between the 20 mm F2.8 L and the 20 mm F2.8 is in the construction of the lens. The Canon lens is a metal mount system whereas the Nikon lens is coated on a plastic mount. The Nikon lens is a metal mount lens while the Canon lens is coated on a plastic mount. The DSI lens is designed to be more compact than a Canon lens while the Nikon lens is designed to be more

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