Which camera can shoot 4k 60fps? – How To Become A Successful Videographer

The Panasonic GH1

Can I shoot 4k at 60fps without the 2/3 crop? No

Can I also shoot 1080 24fps in 4k? No, but you can still shoot RAW

Can I shoot 4k at 60fps without the 2/3 crop? No, but you can still shoot RAW

My camera is out of the frame when I set the shutter speed. When I shoot 4k, will the photo show up the perfect frame without the crop?

No, it doesn’t show up before or after you’ve set the shutter speed

Will my camera play a part in the 4k video? Yes, the camera will help with the 4k video. The camera captures the full frame before you edit and the rest of the frame will be cropped and converted to 4k. You can also use the camera’s RAW export feature while you edit to transfer the 4k video to a card in your computer so that the camera can edit it.

Can the camera support 4k video? Yes, it does support 4k at 60fps. There is also a feature that allows the camera to shoot up to 30fps so that you won’t have to crop the photo to the center.

Can the Panasonic GH2 be used with Sony, Canon, Nikon, Blackmagic, etc? No. The GH2 is NOT compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony and Blackmagic cameras for 4k video conversion. The GH2 can only shoot 4k in the 3:2 aspect ratio.

Do I need a special camera for 4k? No, you can use any of the cameras in GoPro Hero5, Camera+, or Camera+ 2 to shoot 4k videos.

Can the new 4k app for the Lumix GX7 be compatible with my Lumix GH4? No, you should use the new Lumix Camera app for the GH4 to access 4k video.

What are the advantages of 4k video? 4k video offers better dynamic range for images, better image quality, and better color rendition.

Can I shoot with the 3/4 crop? No, it can still get a nice picture but it is not ideal with 4k video.

What camera comes with the 4k app? The Lumix GX7 with the 4k camera app. It doesn’t come with any other apps for 4k.

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Can the GH2 shoot in 4k without the 2/3 crop?

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