What lights do Youtubers use?

Yes, the videos are a source of light. I find it easier to work with a light that’s closer by, but I think a white light for me gives me the best color rendering, as if I’m in the middle of a forest. That light usually has a bright beam, which lets you see the terrain behind it pretty clearly in my videos. I usually work with just a single LED like this one.

Can my drone be controlled with this light?

Yes. I just use the onboard transmitter as my controller. If I was flying a model aircraft, it probably would only work with one transmitter, so it’s not really a drone!

Which color do I use?

I use a white laser light. Its beam, while fairly long, is still extremely powerful as it comes from a flashlight that’s far brighter than the one I use at home. By putting the laser in the beam, it just adds more of a light source into the mix and helps the beam work better against the rain and stuff in general.

Where can I get one?

You can pick up a single one from Amazon for around $20.

It may not have been a big win on the day, but this story about a mother’s attempts to save an autistic child’s life will remain with me for a while to come.

And it’s the good kind:
St. Louis Video Production Company — The Shop Films

I was at a public school in the north London suburb of Bury the week I was two and a half weeks old. I didn’t notice much at first. My parents had always given me a lot of space and freedom, and I was a baby at six weeks old, having never felt like having to fight. But I did notice that he had started to sit up, get quieter and move around a bit more. Soon he was walking with some regularity, but still mostly lying on his back. He had a short temper and once he decided to punch a glass case and the case broke (he still had trouble with throwing toys), I had to call the school for help. That wasn’t all.

He also wouldn’t stop whining that someone was taking away his medicine and it was hurting the baby, and that somebody had left him alone in the car – and so on. But we got help and he stopped whining about his medicine (with all the medicines you have to ask for to take his medicine) – his mom said she’d gone out for some milk or something and he’d come back