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The University of Toronto is planning to expand its downtown campus and has launched an online application process for prospective students.

The University of Toronto is expanding the downtown campus to include a new building and is launching an online application process.

“The University of Toronto has a strategic vision for the Centre for Research Excellence [CRED] in Scarborough, which calls for the university to expand and make itself more diverse and appealing to a growing global population,” explained the university’s executive director of business development and sustainability, Chris McAllister.

The new buildings, along with the existing campus building, are slated to be ready for full occupancy in 2018-2019.

According to the university’s website, the expansion is being done to “make the university more accessible and innovative and to create a strong, sustainable foundation for the university.”

It would include the creation of a new student wellness centre, a building and an extension to a parking garage that has been closed for almost a decade.
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Meanwhile, the university is also working on a number of other new developments, including a new teaching laboratory, a new engineering building for the college of engineering, and a new teaching building for the college of arts and crafts.

The university said it plans to keep this expansion pace going “while our existing campus space continues to meet the needs of our students and our faculty.”

While all the additions will take place in the downtown core, the university said most of the student living would be located in the University of Toronto residence halls at 1210 King St. W. and 1580 Yonge St. The new development would be located north of the Jane St. corridor, between Dundas and Bloor streets, just west of Sheppard Avenue East and east of Highway 404, the university said.

The university hopes to announce