What kind of camera is used to shoot music videos? – Videography Course

How would you tell the difference between a good one and a bad one? Where are the best spots to shoot music videos? What kind of lighting should I shoot with?

I know that people who have never done music videos don’t know what to expect so I will try to give a few pointers.

This is all assuming that you are looking at videos where it is “business” videos and don’t have a specific client in mind. Obviously these have different conditions!

Some professional videos that were shot with DSLR/Iphone and a good camera are:

The Hills, Kaleidoscope (2012)

The Hills, Rattle

The Hills, The Great Divide (2013)

What do YOU shoot and why exactly?

If you are only trying to get that “one great piece of music” shoot I say go for it. This way you get to show off and show off to your friends!

If you shoot music videos for music then you will probably want to shoot with a small SLR then DSLR’s are more for high light/color/etc.

If you shoot videos in a normal set up this is still your choice.

If you shoot for YouTube or Vimeo why not shoot with a better camera?

Why not shoot the videos on a mobile phone rather than a good quality big DSLR?

Why not make multiple sets? (this is where you have to think of a budget)

There are so many options as to how you set up your music videos and what you are trying to get off of the screen so get creative with it.

There are also a ton of options as to where you should shoot them. For example a video shot on a cell phone is easier to put together than one shot on a bigger system. This is mostly the reason that music videos with a lot of close ups use cell phones in the first place and as stated above, video companies have been making music videos on cell phones. So if you shot it on a cell phone or a small DSLR and the sound quality is sub par then you are going to have very poor content.

So as you can see there are many places you can shoot your music videos. The key is to shoot them from your comfort zone. I have worked with a lot of people who have been shooting on cell phone and small DSLR but in the end they all end up getting the same results. It is always a trade off

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