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10.1 million: “Dude, I hate it here when people go back and forth between the video and the song in the background. I’m just not a fan of that at all.”

9.75: “I don’t play “Hallelujah,” that whole song. … It’s just a bad song. I am not into that song, which is kind of a bummer. I have a song called “Hallelujah,” which I’m not a fan of in the video.”

8.28: “For some reason, I didn’t want to use it as the intro, but now we’re going to record it in the background when people play the song.”

8.11: Asked about his lyrics from the song, he said, “I’m not writing anything down, I’m just making noises. … You know, I don’t like talking about it, and it’s weird I do.”

8.04: “I hate it, it sounds so boring, like a boring, boring thing.”

7.50: “It’s kinda embarrassing to have a song that I have never had a good time playing. It’s not very cool to have a song that you can’t play with your friends. That’s kind of what it is. It’s not like something you can play, especially with me, who doesn’t like to play things that don’t seem fun.”

7.36: Asked about his “Odd Future” videos, he said, “I think there are some great things that they’ve done, but I do like them.”

7.10: “I’m not trying to sell out, you know? Just like what I like to do, I think it’s just good. … They’re doing good things. I think they’re good, but I’m not trying to do everything I like to do.”

7.03: Asked about videos with him, he said, “You know, for some reason, people are always talking about ‘Dance Moms,’ or something. It’s fun to see ‘Dance Moms’ on YouTube and get that buzz, see the response from that, like if they weren’t making them. I’m just really curious to see.”

6.52: Asked about the song “Hallelujah,” he said, “Ooh, I can hear those vocals in my head. I’ll always be like, ‘You know

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