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Video editors work a full-time job (even if they can only contribute in a few small projects at a time) and then choose another full-time gig once they finish their latest (or a future few) projects. That full-time job also has to cover all the expenses and the freelancing can be even more expensive.

A lot of people, including some freelance editors, have told me about job offers as soon as they complete their job. The main reason is:

They are looking for a full-time job where they will be able to cover the freelance fees (and the taxes)

The job will be for about 3-5 weeks (in their case)

They know how to work with other editors and their own project

They have an eye for detail and want to make the best version of a video for everyone to see

What do the freelancers tell me about salary?

When they finish a project, they tell me how much it will be, including salaries in a country where they have some experience.

I work only in the Philippines (with the exception of a stint), so the freelancers I work with are mostly based in the Philippines (and the rest of the World). However, it is my experience that some freelancers work for their living as freelancer, then find jobs in the Philippines, and that’s not true for all people. To me, this is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to find the perfect gig.

What do the freelance editors tell me about the pay?

The freelancers I know tell me that they get paid either by salary, commission on the project or share of fees. For the reasons explained above, that’s the best option for freelancers who can cover all the expenses and taxes.

How can I find a good freelancer to edit my work?

I find freelancers online by following the same rules: do not ask me to pay for the job, do not ask me to make any requests and just let me know how I can help.

How do I find a good freelance editor to edit my work?

The first step is that you just have to find a place you are close enough to. The next step is to meet up and set up the first meeting. I mean, you need to establish that you’ll do both gigs: the first being a paid one with a big amount of money.

The meeting is also a big

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