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In the grand old days of film and film cameras were big, bulky, heavy, inconvenient, uncomfortable—and you had to make sure to use a tripod. We’re going to try to simplify those days by taking a video into your camera, not the other way around. In fact, we’re going to make sure that your camera is equipped with a built-in tripod, even though you haven’t bought a DSLR.

A camera or a camera phone

So how exactly would you go about making a movie using a video camera? First of all, there’s a bit of a technical problem with video cameras, and it’s this: if you’re shooting video video, that video video isn’t real video. It’s what happens when a camera snaps a picture instead of a video frame. The video footage is the actual image captured by the video camera, and the image is recorded onto another device—the card in your camera or a mobile device like an iPad. This other device is what you see on your computer screen.

On your iPhone, you can make a movie using pictures taken by your iPhone or your iPad. On your computer you can make a movie with videos captured using your Mac, or an Android device, or a Microsoft Surface tablet you’ve just plugged into a power adapter. On your GoPro or drone, the video camera and the video clips you capture are all just “video clips.” In the film industry this is known as “lens flares.” If the camera is “lensed” onto a real lens, the film can capture the real-world scenes that the video camera normally wouldn’t be able to see. Sometimes called “mirrors.”

Now, if you’re like us, you’re going to be more interested in the final product, and you probably want to share the video with your friends and family, especially in the hopes of getting some additional exposure for your filmmaking. If that’s not your bag, you should just stick with the video camera. For the rest of us, though, we have an idea of how this might work. We’ve all had the experience where our videographer or editor needs to capture something that is more than a simple video clip. Perhaps she needs to record a wedding, for a documentary, perhaps she wants to record a concert, her band, or even a concert. At the end of the day, she needs to have enough material to put in a reel—maybe five rolls or so. If you shoot a 30-minute film,

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