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This is a subjective question, but I think the most important thing to remember is that you don’t need all of the same stuff as a production team. The best people to shoot music videos for a production company are those who are very familiar with the scene and its traditions. You’ll also find that a small group of experienced musicians is ideal, and a small crew is best. The crew should be able to give direction and direction should be given to the crew. You will have to trust them, but you will also have to trust yourself because you’re probably going to be shooting in a different room or in a completely different frame than the crew on the other side of the room. The crew should know the format that you’re going for and be confident that they’ll have the time necessary to do it properly. Some people say “you need the money for the equipment,” I say “how do you know?” You should ask your people if they’ve ever worked on a music video before. If they have, then you can probably work something out with them. Your crew and the equipment are the most important thing to get right, but a good composer, a good crew, and a good lighting person are even more valuable.

How much equipment do I need to shoot?

This is always difficult to determine. Sometimes it seems obvious, but other times it’s not, so it really depends how much you want to go for and if a given crew’s work ethic, experience, equipment, and attitude are going to be better with you than it would without you. Here’s my general guide to how much gear I think you should need at the start of a music video:

First stop is the lighting department

Lighting is a big, complicated and often underpaid job. I get this all the time and it’s not an exaggeration to say that I’ve never learned how to use lighting right, and sometimes that’s because I spent ages trying to figure it out by trial and error. It’s not like you’re going to get an hour long demo when you’re trying to make a music video, so it just has to be a lot like getting into the studio and finding a good studio. The fact is, in order to learn lighting you’re going to have to be in the studio and use your lights constantly. Light is an art form and it’s going to require time and experience, and at least for this one, you need to know how to properly setup, set up, light, and put

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