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You should pay extra attention. The ones which are in the top three or ten (not in the top thousand) are most likely to be shot with a digital camera, although you will find a few in the bottom half. They are very good at recording high quality video, especially at night, so if you have trouble with this in your neighbourhood, you must be sure that your apartment has a proper recording room or there will be no fun after the lights go out.

Is an “up-the-a-pillar” sound used in films?

Yes, if you want to. You will often hear “down a-pillar” sounds – that is, sound made on top of some other sound, like a fan or a car windscreen wipers – during the camera movement. To reduce the “up-the-a-pillar” sound, the camera can be made to move by moving the sound meter backwards. Or the sound meter could be turned down if a noise is present, and “up a-pillar” could be reduced if its present.

What are the main types of sound?

There you have it: you have the most important information on all aspects of sound-based editing. You’ve now got everything you need to know to help you make films with as much accuracy and precision as possible. And you can use the same basic concepts no matter what type of film you make.

If you know now, I’ll give you all the other parts.

1. Camera movement: all types of cameras – DSLR, film camera, mirrorless, mobile – have the ability to move. With them, you can move any kind of sound.

2. Camera positioning: with any type of camera, you can position the sound you make over the screen or other sound source, just as you normally do. However, sometimes, if the scene is extremely quiet with no other sound present, or if the camera is facing one way, a noise which makes the camera move is impossible. The problem is that if it is moving, the sound is also going to be moving. In other words, there is no way of having the noise go from one location to the other without making the sound sound. Since your camera is going to move, there must be a way of having that movement cancel out. That is why, when making sound, you should be sure that your editing is properly aligned. In some situations, this will require you to move the sound meter

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