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Cameras have become so ubiquitous that almost everyone has one, which is used for just about everything – video, photos and all sorts of web stuff. If you make videos you will see a vast majority of people using something like a GoPro. But there are some that aren’t.

YouTuber’s camera isn’t as easy to use in most situations, because it requires more advanced settings than many, but is extremely popular, as it allows quick, straightforward, quick-light footage and great editing capabilities.

Why do YouTubers take so much risks with their content and their products?
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These days of course there is no guarantee of success, however it is important to keep working – you have to stay in that lane for a long time. What’s your reason for making the videos? Sometimes to be part of that big scene, or just because you can do it well.

Do YouTubers get involved in online bullying and harassment?

Not as much as they used to, but still see a few things going on on YouTube, and have to deal with it. In this day and age of social media, a lot of YouTube personalities have to deal with the hate – if it’s not in your face they won’t know it’s there.

Do YouTubers feel they have a duty to help victims of sexual-assault?

Not really. They have an obligation to stay true to themselves and their own boundaries. This is something that can be hard in this age of social media, but not impossible.

What do you think would be your personal goal for the next few years?

At the moment there is much work to be done by many individuals online, and I think by that time someone will probably have made a difference to make it better.

How does it feel to become a part of the world’s biggest online network, YouTube?

It feels amazing, and I have never been in the situation I am now. When I saw the comments about the women that were raped in Cologne, and also around the world, I felt so excited to be there. I hope that YouTube will be the new YouTube, and that it will be a place where young people and all kinds of people can share their thoughts and feelings and express their personal beliefs and be exposed to such a wide range of different opinions. It will be a great place!

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