What camera do YouTubers use? – Video Shoot Meaning

Any kind of smartphone.

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If you are not comfortable with the camera in your phone, then try our other cameras as well.

What platforms do YouTubers use?

Any platform you can access YouTube directly on.

If you can’t use YouTube, then why are you on YouTube anyway.

How often do YouTubers get hit?

Very rarely. However, I have hit YouTubers on more frequent occasions as well. Most of the time their comments have been helpful.

Do YouTubers tend to stay quiet?

Some DoTers get hit a few times a month, while others get hit a few times a second or three times a day. This is mainly because of the nature of YouTube comments. There is a lot of ‘flair’ being exchanged and people tend to post a lot of posts that they have done. This is much like talking to a stranger on the street. You might have heard some comments that have been highly offensive or insulting, then you think ‘what the hell am I doing talking to these people!’ It’s a bit like walking onto a crowded train car.

What’s your favourite kind of YouTuber?

I have had a few good posts from DoTs, because they always post well. The kind of people that are nice and helpful, and don’t just post to make money. Those people are the real gems!

Do you have any tips on how to grow your channel?

The first thing to do is to keep your channel active and interesting. Start by posting videos of what you are listening to. This will make your viewers discover your platform and become your customers.

There is absolutely no shame in making videos that others have already made, because you get so many more views!

Another way to grow your channel is to use your profile pictures as an advertisement.

You might have put one on your channel, but what about the next time you put one on a video that does not use your pictures? If you can find a way to use your profile picture in a way that makes it interesting and fun then you can actually make a lot of money from it!

The only people that should think twice about using your profile name are the ones who are on your profile, and are posting something valuable to your audience. Be careful of posting nothing and just showing off your body or something so that you will seem to be “the” do

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