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What are you looking to raise money for?

Your account will be charged $500 on 1 July 2014

How will you know when your account has been charged?

Your account will become charged automatically 2 weeks after the end of the campaign. If you do not wish to have the bill sent to your email you can cancel before your billing period expires.

How will you know how many people voted?

Each channel will determine its own share of votes according to the method they were created, for example channel 1 votes 30% of the time, channel 2 votes 90% of the time, channel 3 votes 75% of the time, and so on. The remaining vote will be distributed amongst all users.

How many channels can you run at one time? How does that number differ between your website and YouTube?

We are trying to encourage people to subscribe to channels they love; they will be automatically subscribed and have their channel featured there. Also, you can switch your favourite channels at any time, which makes them much easier to watch.

Why should I subscribe to channels that my friends are watching? What about my own channel?

How to Shoot a Video for YouTube (Best Camera Settings for ...
This is a great way for your audience to get acquainted with you and to help build a connection. Also it is great to attract viewers to your channel that might not have subscribed to YouTube before.

I am a bit worried because it could lead to me being “clicked on” for something I don’t want. Would subscribing to channels really affect who I become in life?

No, subscribing to channels means subscribing to other people; this means you can reach the masses more easily. We will never show videos that people haven’t already seen. You have access to the huge amount of content that people have already watched.

If I do not follow channels I am a fan of, how can I be notified if I am on an invitation?

We encourage you to subscribe to channels that you enjoy watching or that your friends would like to join. For example, if you like an episode of The X Factor then you might want to consider subscribing to The Lads Channel. If you want to be able to keep in touch with your favourite channels the best way is to be subscribed to their YouTube channels and/or follow them. We will never be able to tell who you are, but we can tell what you are looking to learn.

Will I have more control over the content I upload?

Yes! If

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